Hope things are going well with you in sunny Clearwater. All we have had is rain. Just wanted you to know that Rosie is absolutely adorable. She has grown up so much. It is really sad. Silly me complaining that she was so hipper when it was her just being her cute puppy self. Karen and you did a wonderful job raising her. It’s a shame all breeders aren’t like both of you. Rosie is smart and loves everyone and everything. She was very easy to housebreak. When the weather is bad which is most of the time, she uses her paper. It has also been easy to train her because of her already having been exposed to the clicker. I tell her to sit at my front door, stay, open the door, and then ok before we go out on the leash to potty. We play find it with treats in the house and she loves doing that. Wish I could get her a job sniffing out drugs, then l would be rich. We would move close to you in Florida, l would be in doggy heaven helping you with your babies. I told my friend Judy how talented you are. Hope you realize that not only are you a great writer and artist but the best breeder as well.I enjoy your monthly newsletter and seeing the puppies on your Facebook page. It makes me want a playmate for Rosie. I think that l told you that she has been in heat. It wasn’t a problem except for missing playing at daycare. She is scheduled to be spayed Mar.19. My baby is growing up. Have a great rest of the day. Kisses from Rosie!! JR

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