What About Muzzles?

My Silkys have never particularly liked having their nails clipped. Okay, let’s get real. They have usually hated it. While it is definitely possible to do a couple of nails, then take a break, then a couple more, then a break, I do have a few dogs that either by native temperament or my earlier incompetence simply hate getting their nails done and fight the clippers from the start.

With these dogs (and yes our Buzzy is one of them), the choice is either never do the nails and allow the dog to be crippled by huge appendages hanging off the tips of their feet or – and take a big breath now please – a muzzle.


Think that these are only for inveterate biters? Not true; they also make an excellent and humane training device.

The first time I decided that I had to use one on Buzzy was interesting. I thought it would send him ballistic. It didn’t. He calmed down as soon as he realized he could not fight me; this allowed me to do a careful and thorough job on his nails without either one of us ending up at the doctor.

I used a soft nylon muzzle that had no restraint other than it didn’t allow our boy to open his mouth fully.

These can be easily purchased on Amazon.

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