Brooksville 2012

Well, we did it again — or should I say — oops, we did it again?

The team has survived another 10 day marathon of the longest show circuit in the world, The Florida Winter Classic, known by all as simply “Brooksville”. Tessier attended all 10 days.

We completed the championship of three dogs:

This is new champion Tessier Wyntuk Spare Heir who finished at the tender age of 9 months.

This is Roxie, new Ch. Tessier BCP Wyntuk By a Mile, Her owners Barb and Holly are very proud of her!

This is new Ch. Tessier Tagalong By Dawn's Early Light. She is a full sister of our Nationals winner Ch. Tagalong Tessier By Special Engagement.

And put major points on three others.

This is Rosie, Tagalong Tessier Heirloom Rose. She took her second major at Brooksville.

Then we have our lovely Tessier Wyntuk Scarlet O’Hara who took 2 majors. Unfortunately Scarlett hates having her picture taken, so we don’t have any available. One day, we’ll “catch” her when she’s not paying attention! Promise!

Kudos are especially due to new exhibitor Maggie Keuser and her Tessier Wyntuk Ocean Pearl. Maggie showed Pearl herself to 2 majors — congrats!

This is Tessier Wyntuk Ocean Pearl, owned by Maggie Keuser.



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