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updated December 5, 2018

Tessier has been committed to breeding and showing quality Silky Terriers for 38 years.

We strive to produce healthy, happy dogs that look and act like the breed. (Pictured above is our 13-year-old GCh. Carwyn Tessier By Innovation “Rocket”  winning Best Veteran in Sweeps for the third time in a row at this year’s Silky Terrier Club of America’s National Specialty.)

We also won Best Puppy for the fourth year in a row with our rambunctious youngster Tessier Wyntuk Moment Like This (Kelly).

… as well as Best in Sweepstakes for the 4th year in a row with our co-bred and co-owned (with Janet Aslett) Aslett Tessier Cowboy Cassanova.

We brought three 6-month-old babies to Nationals in August 2017. Dash took Best in Sweeps, Deja was Best of Opposite to Best in Sweeps, Winner’s Bitch, and Best Puppy. Reserve Winner’s Dog was Dash, their brother Marty took Reserve Winners Dog the following day. Here is Deja, co-owned with Diane Nachman.

This is 6-month-old Tessier Wyntuk Deja Vu of Ridina.

Tessier has been blessed over the years with its partners. First was Billie Pruitt, who used the Tagalong prefix and passed away in 2015. She was a true friend and stuck with us through thick and thin.  Karen Huey (formerly Carwyn, now Wyntuk) joined us in 2002 and has been the best mentor we could ever have wanted. She is a master behaviorist, an expert “puppy whisperer” and a dear friend.

For all the details of all our wins at 2016 Nationals (we swept Sweeps, Reserve Winners, Best of Winners and much more),  click here. While Karen and I were taking casual pictures of two of the big winners our judge Peter Green stopped by and asked to join us. I’m in red, holding Sera, Karen is holding Coda. What fun!


The Silky Terrier is cheerful, sassy and sturdy, with a lovely blue, tan and fawn coat. A bath and a brush once a week — that’s relatively easy care for a long-coated small dog. Highly hypoallergenic, the Silky Terrier is bright, happy and independent.

We sometimes have puppies available.  If you are looking for a youngster, please email me (Sandy) at sandy@smesmer.com; you can also call me at 727 452-5745. I am located in Clearwater, Florida.

And for lots and lots of data on small dogs in general, you can go to my website at www.about-small-dogs.com.


As a show kennel, we sometimes have young adults. These are home-raised, well-trained and socialized dogs whom we started to show or champions we are retiring with a spay/neuter contract.

Such young adults can be a real find as they are ready to go with relatively little effort. They are no more expensive, and usually, are even less than a puppy.

Silkys are generally long-lived dogs, most of ours make it to between 14 and 17 years. Young adults also bond extremely well in their new couch potato environment as they are thrilled to have a whole family of humans all to themselves.

This is 9 1/2 year old Stella. She was in her forever home but simply couldn’t get along with the young Silky male already there. It tore her owners to bits to return her back to us, but Stella deserves to live her life in a calm environment – not a battle zone. Stella is super sweet with all humans and really likes some dogs, but others, not so much. So she needs a home with no other dogs. She is spayed and is currently living with our kennel partner Karen in Oregon.

Very often people only want a puppy. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this if one has the time and expertise available to devote to the necessary training. If you are looking for a puppy, let me know, we do occasionally have some available.

Male or Female? You Decide.

Many people contacting me for puppies only want one gender or the other. Their previous dog was a female and so they want another one just like her. Or they have heard that boys can be, well, dirty. But both male and female Silkys can make excellent pets.

My rule of thumb, developed over the years, is this: Girls want to be loved, boys will want to love you. As to the potty training issue: I have found that this really comes down to owner consistency right from the start, and while some dogs are harder to train than others, this is not based on gender.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Best, Sandy