Becky and Dior

Hi Sandy- 


I wanted to let you know just how much we look forward to the monthly newsletter and want to be sure that we continue to receive them after the initial complimentary issues.  Although after reading the Jan. issue I told Miriam that we were apparently killing poor little Dior since she was not to jump higher than the top of our wrist (about 6″) and wasn’t to walk more than 400 feet at a time.  Here is a dog that routinely bounds 18-20″ up onto the couch or bed and will do up to 4 miles in walks each day.  And these are NOT just walks.  When she is on her “squirrel hunt” she absolutely runs from tree to tree and squeals with delight when she sees one (people look at us like we are beating her).  When we get back from our mile long walk we are absolutely exhausted but she, like the Energizer Bunny just keeps on running and running.  We are enjoying them both so very much!

We are up at my place in Hilton Head, SC this week and make at least two beach walks each day, usually when the tide is low and there is plenty of beach to walk on.  Here is a photo with Becky walking alongside me, sans leash.  She is so very good, and stays right at my side throughout our walk.  In this photo Dior sees some seagulls and thinks they are squirrels with wings.

Beach w dogs.JPG

Dior alone.jpg

Of course, after the walk they are an absolute mess with blown air and sandy paws.  Here is a picture of Dior before we wash her feet and brush her out.  Then it is time for a nap to rest up for the next walk.

girls on bed.jpg

Dior has gotten very good with her pee pad routine and will get up in the middle of the night and leave the bed to go onto the pad if she needs too.  While not quite at 100%, she is coming along just fine and we are pleased with her efforts.  Becky will generally make it through the night but if she needs to go she will get one of us up and we will take her down to pee.  No bed wetting accidents… so far!

Thanks again for bringing these two joys into our lives.


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